Sale Terms

These terms apply specifically to the Non shipping Tickets of our Website.
Buy Purchasing non shipping Tickets from our website, you accept the terms below and acknowledge that…

1. You are an Indian Resident above 18 years of age and it is legal/allowed for you to buy paper lottery tickets.

2. You accept and acknowledge that the product you are buying is a state govt issued paper lottery. The website is just acting as a medium of sale and providing you instant confirmation of the purchase alongwith a system assigned ticket number.

3. That you may request a photo of your ticket via any electronic method for verification of the number.

4. That you may also request for a shipping of the ticket upto 7 days after the draw has concluded for your purchase. You accept and agree to pay any shipping charges due for such shipping.

5. That incase of any prize winning upto 9000 Rs, you will be paid in cash or via a method you choose which includes Bank Transfer, UPI, Paytm etc or, any other approved method by the Reserve Bank of India for monetary transactions.

6. That Incase your payment is debited and you do not receive a confirmation of your purchase before the time of draw, no claim on any prizes for such orders would be entertained and such orders would be deemed cancelled on technical basis.

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